Year 3 Wrangler-In-Chief

On Twitter this week, @superwork commented about hiding during PPA. I replied thusly:

@Super_Work if I really want to hide during ppa,I go and play in our foundation unit.
— Miss Horsfall (@MissHorsfall) November 12, 2013

While this particular tweet was partly in jest, this is something I really do. It is partly for relaxation and a chance to step out of doing whatever class-related task is currently boring me to tears. However, it also has a more useful ‘side-effect’. I think it’s important for teachers to see where the kids they teach have come from – it gives useful context to what you then end up doing with them later on in their school lives. It’s also a great reminder as to just how far children come in such a short space of time – here are children who are so proud of the ‘a’ they just learned to write on their whiteboards, yet in just 3 or 4 years they’ll be beaming about the chapter story they just finished.

I remember a year or two ago we had some secondary school teachers come to spend the day, I think as part of a transition project, and their minds were blown by our early years and infants. They’d sort of forgotten that yes, you do have to teach children letters and sounds, and yes they do have to learn to count to 10.

If your school has a nursery or reception class (mine has both in an integrated unit), it’s well worth wandering down there some time. You might just learn something!


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