Year 3 Wrangler-In-Chief

Spring Term, Week 2

Another week gone by – some good, some bad. I’ve got some more blogging to do over the weekend about the new curriculum, and about my thoughts on slowing down, and persistence – lots going on in my classroom and in my head right now! Still, without further ado, here’s the highlights, lowlights and aims for next week:


  • More zen. I said last week that I’d been too reactive. This week has been better, and calmer.
  • Continuing to encourage persistence from the kids. The message about doing our best, not just doing ‘enough’, is getting through. We were doing some very short pieces of writing today, and one child was happy to re-write it 4 times to get it just so. It was for display, and they agreed with me that display should show their very best work.
  • Maths – we’ve been working on mentally adding 2 TU numbers, and I’ve kept on with it all week. I was particularly pleased with Monday’s lesson, where I gave them the scenario of an ice-cream shop, where they had to create their own sundaes then work out the cost. Such a simple tweak, yet the engagement was instant, and lots of children pushed themselves to add 3 numbers together, because after all, two toppings are better than one! ice cream


  • Despite being generally more zen this week, I did lose it spectacularly with one child, who was doing a great job of pushing all my buttons. The icing on the cake was doing so in front of the headteacher. I’m not proud, and I sincerely hope and pray it never happens again.
  • I need to remember that just because I am techy, and understand computers very well, this is not the case for everyone in my classroom. Likewise, other adults can’t read my mind. I need to start being far more specific with what I want from the adults in my room, to get the best for all the children.


Aims for next week:

  • Continue to expect excellence. It’s working, and I need to push on with it.
  • Work on children responding to their feedback – and making sure that my feedback is high quality.

All in all, it’s been a good week. My overall highlight was probably reading some more of our current story in Literacy – we’re doing Ice Palace at the moment, and we got to a key bit where the hero (a young boy) arrives at the Big Bad’s cave. It’s all dark, so I put the shutters almost down in my room, turned the lights off and read, creating a great atmosphere. When I finished today’s section, everyone clapped – such a great feeling!

So, how was your week?


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