Year 3 Wrangler-In-Chief

Spring Term, Week 3

Life has been quite good in Year 3 this week in most respects – after an ill teacher and hence a bumpy start, things are back on more of an even keel. The kids have been incredibly engaged this week, mostly in our Literacy lessons, but also in studying Fossils in Science.


  • Creative kids. We finished reading Ice Palace this week (for more on our work, see this post: Ice Palace – Part 1), and the kids came up with some great ideas for what to do next. So after some planning time, it was paint central today. Here’s a few pics – better to show than tell.DSCN0726 DSCN0731
  • Fossil hunting! As part of our Rocks topic in Science, we’ve learnt about fossils this week – and their enthusiasm has blown me away. So much so, that I remembered that our local shopping centre’s stone floor has lots of fossils in – mostly ammonites. This afternoon, we went for a look! When I told them we were going to The Chimes to see the fossils, my class thought I was nuts, but once we arrived and I showed them what to look for, they loved it! I would imagine that quite a few parents will get dragged there over the weekend to be shown fossils in the floor. DSCN0749
  • Good observation – I’ve been getting some support from our local Behaviour Support Team with a very tricky class this year, and today was the third time that my contact has been in for a look at the class. She said that she can see a huge improvement, and that everything I’m doing is working. Her advice has been pivotal in getting on top of this lot, as she gave the encouragement (and somehow the ‘permission’) to make some quite significant changes to my teaching style. So it’s great to get positive feedback from that!



  • Social skills haven’t been great this week, and I’m aware that some of my class are getting quite stressed at the moment. I need to think hard about what to do about this – if anyone’s got any advice, I’m all ears!
  • I think my teaching has lacked focus sometimes this week. It’s been a bit of a woolly week, and although it’s been great to really pursue their interests (and I see that as a huge positive, and a great thing to do), it’s definitely meant that the academic rigour I like to uphold (and which they like) has been lacking. #

Aims for next week:

  • Next steps – I’ve been working hard to include improvement comments on their work when I mark it, and have started to ask them to initial their feedback to show that they’ve read it. I now need to work in some ‘proper’ time for them to respond.
  • Reduce stress levels – I’m not going to crack this in a week, but I need to start having some productive conversations with colleagues about this.

That was my week…how was yours?


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