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Spring Term, Week 4

Phew! Week 4 already. Where does the time go? With parent’s evening breathing down my neck (week after next), it’s time to start getting my paper work/ the kids in order. Still, that’s yet to come – what about the week that was?

The Good

  • Some great learning, and good use of ongoing assessment. We’ve been learning how to do column addition (including with carrying) this week, and I’ve done well at keeping track of who’s up to where, who needs extra support, who can do this already and needs a challenge…it’s gone well. I wouldn’t say we’re all there yet, and I might interleave this with other things for the next couple of weeks, to really make sure they’ve learnt it, but I’m pleased with their progress.
  • The 5 sentence challenge. I can’t remember where I read about this, but the concept is fairly self explanatory. Take a topic, write 5 sentences. We used Espresso Newsbites, with the kids then able to choose one of the four news stories to write about. Some of my class were a bit cross that they couldn’t write more than 5 sentences, but as I reminded them, quality not quantity. They (mostly) did a great job, and it’s certainly something I’d like to incorporate on a weekly basis (somehow!). It’s a good chance to give and act on specific feedback, and also to practice various ways of constructing a sentence.
  • Supportive colleagues.

The not-so-Good

  • I know this is a standard teacher gripe, but not having enough time! I know there are kids in my class who need more than they’re getting, and we do have plans in place, but it frustrates me immensely that, due to various quirks of my class, it’s not possible to meet the wide range of needs. I know, I know, you just do your best, but when that’s not enough…it’s hard.
  • Not always being as prepared as I’d like. This ties into the above. When it gets to half eleven, and I still don’t have tomorrow’s literacy lesson ready, I know I need to go to bed, but then I know that that also means a slightly shambolic lesson the next day.
  • Children being nasty.

Targets for next week:

  • I’ve got an observation with our HT and SIP, and I fully intend to kick arse. I will not be teaching a ‘show’ lesson, just doing what I do, well.
  • Plan, properly. Without fail.
  • I wonder if I could spend a day without raising my voice, at all? And what difference that would make to my classroom?

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  1. Primary prowess said:

    Some ways we try and squeeze in time for the class teacher to help those who need some extra…….story time taken by a TA ( who is a great story teller, very dramatic) while class teacher takes reading intervention group. French is taken by subject specialist teacher……class teacher taken maths catch up group ( not so good for their French, but they’ll probably end up doing Spanish at secondary school and sorry- maths is more important at this stage). Also, the class are taken swimming by TA’s not the class teacher. During this time, the teacher has cheap but effective cpd watching our best teachers teach their lessons ( and being their TA since they’ve gone swimming).

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