Year 3 Wrangler-In-Chief

Spring Term, Week 5

I’m a bit later with this week’s review than normal – it’s been tricky to write. A lot of stuff going on that, due to the fact I don’t blog/tweet anonymously, I can’t really write about. Still, teaching is like that sometimes. With that in mind, here’s the highlights and lowlights of the week that was:


  • Less shouting. I mentioned this in my aims last week, and while I wouldn’t say I’ve gone a whole day without raising my voice, I’ve certainly been much more volume conscious this week.
  • Good marking. Definitely getting more into the swing of this ‘next steps’ business. I still think that at lower primary (I include Y3 in that!), it’s more about responsive teaching than endless comments in their books, but they are taking notice of what I write. I think…
  • Good sandwiches. It’s been that time again, when the DT Sandwich Snack unit rears its head. They all did very well though, and thoroughly enjoyed their creations.


  • Poor health. I feel like I’ve been sick since October, and I’m sincerely fed up.
  • Plate spinning. Teaching my class (well, I suppose any class) is like this. Some days I feel awesomely in control of it all, other days…not so much!

Looking forward:

  • Parent’s evenings – hoping for some positive, next step conversations. And for me not to collapse with exhaustion!
  • Continue to monitor my volume. It’s effective, and good for me.

I tend to enjoy the Spring Term the most – it’s the one with the fewest interruptions, I find, so we can really get our heads down and work hard. This has definitely been my experience this term, and it’s something I’m keen to sustain both this week and into next half term. That said, the prospect of a week’s rest coming up is lovely…


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