Year 3 Wrangler-In-Chief

Spring Term, Week 6

I’m shockingly late with a review of the week – blame it on extreme busy-ness with all things church, plus babysitting duty for my friend’s kids. Still, here goes.

The ups:

  • Positive parent’s evening conversations: I was cheered up hugely by how many positive things I could tell parents on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Lots of children working hard, lots of children achieving well. Hurrah!
  • Children’s own pride in their work. I’ve been pushing for excellence a lot recently – on Tuesday we wrote weather forecasts. I gave these a really detailed mark in time for Thursday, when the kids had to then read carefully what I’d written, and rewrite their forecasts, making improvements. Yes, there were a few grumbles, but the number of children who brought me their improved work with a great big smile was fantastic. I was proud, but more importantly, they were proud.
  • Seeing a few children really show me what they’re capable of. Always rewarding.

The downs:

  • So, so, so bloody busy. I’m not sure I got up to the staffroom more than once or twice over the whole week. I’ve been stressed with travel-related difficulties due to the flooding, which has meant (even) longer days, and leaving for work not really knowing how I was going to get home. Add that to a hugely intense work week, and. Well. It’s a wonder I could stand up by the end of it.
  • Injuries. Lots of rough play, lots of blood everywhere. May need to review our playground equipment after the holidays!

No targets for this week coming, other than to chill! Oh, and write a few blogposts. I’ve got thoughts brewing on aiming for excellence, teaching writing, how teaching this class has been SO different…and a few others. We’ll see what gets written first!


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